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Manage Complexity, Foster Agility and Develop Synergy in your Organization

A comprehensive but practical approach

Companies are facing an environment which gets more competitive every day. Competition becomes wider and faster (everywhere and all the time). The pace of change is increasing. So does uncertainty. In this context, organizations are seeking how they can develop their agility.

IS/IT has a role to play in the development of the flexibility of the enterprise. IS/IT solutions have usually been built over time in successive generations. Consistency of the overall applications portfolio was seldom a priority. Complexity has grown in the IS/IT landscape, often hindering the development of the business instead of enabling it. Today, Enterprise Architecture appears as the only solution to set the information systems in order and align them to the business strategy.

This involves playing on several fields at the same time from business process optimization to IS/IT simplification. Many approaches exist to help in these areas but none of them is simple and comprehensive enough to provide a general answer to the problem. Our objective is to get the best out of all these initiatives to deliver a public, state-of-the-art, comprehensive yet easy to understand set of best practices to help companies in solving their complexity challenge.

Our sponsors & partners

The CEISAR was originally created with the sponsorship of global companies, recognized as key players in their industry. They all consider Enterprise Architecture as a key topic for the success of their operations.